To the delight of her fans, on December 11, 2010, Alex announced that she would be returning to performing publicly.


I will be posting any announcements she makes
regarding her current or future plans on this page.
Please check back often.




As of 12/13/2010 Alex said she had attended her first rehearsal since leaving Celtic Woman. She declared she was “Ready to sing again”. That was the news all of her fans were so anxious to hear


On 12/19/2010 Alex returned to the stage at the National Concert Hall in Dublin for the annual Christmas event. She commented that the show consisted of traditional Christmas Carols as well as some Contemporary Carols. She seemed satisfied with the performance. She  summed it up in one word, “Survived”. Well said.


Alex announced on twitter January 27th that she had performed at a concert concert in Belfast. It went very well and she seemed satisfied. She also left the door open for other work by saying. “What’s next?”
Hopefully we will have the good fortune to hear soon.


Alex performed on June 3, 2011 with the RTE orchestra. The concert was at the National Concert Hall
in Dublin and was entitled:
“Movie Classics”
Alex performed a very lovely rendition of “Beauty and the Beast”

Alex commented on the show.
Her quote follows:
“Hi guys! The concert was great amnd the orchestra under the baton of Conductor David Brophy were always. Thank you all for your support and well wishes”





Alex announced today on her Facebook page
she would performing in a few
concerts in
Helsinborg, Sweden in November.
The show will be entitled “Musical Show Stoppers” Here is an official promotional poster for the show.

Alex sang in Helsingborg Sweden on November 24-25.
Two of Alex’s  forum members traveled to Sweden to attend the show.
They said that Alex “wowed” the audience!
She performed with Peter Corey and Mary Carewe.



Alex Sharpe Fan Forum members Henny, from the Netherlands
(left), and Mike, from the states attended the show in Sweden.
Alex was so kind as to meet with them after the performance.

On the right is Alex posing with co-star Peter Corey after the show.




Alex will performing on Thursday December 1 at the National Concert Hall in Dublin.
The performance is presented by Liz Nolan and the RTE Orchestra.

The show is entitled “Movie Classics a Christmas Edition”.

She will be a featured vocalist along with Cormac Kenevey.

Here is a link to the site if you would care to view more details.


Here is Alex performing “The sound of music” at the show.




Please enjoy “Over the rainbow”



And finally “White Christmas”