Alex Performed with Celtic Woman
for nearly three years in three separate tours.

I hope you enjoy looking through these videos and picture galleries
of Alex as a Celtic Woman.

Have fun, remember and smile.

This section is divided into three pages.

Each one is dedicated to pictures and

videos for each of the three tours

Alex was involved with as a Celtic Woman.


This page features Alex’s solo and Group performances from 

“Songs From the Heart”


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Alex in “Songs From the Heart”
Photo Album

Tour Dairy

Tour Diary

Tour Diary

True Colors

O America

Isle of Hope Isle of Tears

Practicing Spanish Lady

SftH Behind the Scenes

Ladies Home Journal Interview

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Tour Diary

Tour Diary

Tour Diary

Non C é Piu

Danny Boy

The Call

True Colors Soundcheck

Behind the Scenes Fun Clips

Live on Regis and Kelly

Tour Diary


Tour Diary

Ps 22 Choir

Nil Sé N Lá

Amazing Grace

You’ll Be in My Heart

Finale/ Mo Ghile Mear

Roanoke Interview

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